Snoek In Toolenburger plas Hoofddorp

Snoek In Toolenburger plas Hoofddorp


Last sunday I went diving with my dad in the Toolenburger Plas (lake)  It was my 100st dive so my dad thought it would be nice to go to a new place.  Well it centenly was nice! there was lots of fish and just before we got out at the end of our dive we saw a beautifull snoek. I made a small video of this event,watch it below  :


Welcome to the All-New Casa Frenzy Holiday Home in Tofo

Welcome to the All-New Casa Frenzy Holiday Home in Tofo

If you are looking for a Holiday Home in Tofo, Casa Frenzy ticks all the boxes.

Casa Frenzy is great for dive families who would like to stay in a Holiday home in Tofo
Casa Frenzy is great for dive families who would like to stay in a Holiday home in Tofo

Right on the beach just north of the fabulous Praia do Tofo beach and party town. Casa Frenzy is set right into the indigenous bush right behind the primary dune. It’s a 100 metre walk and you are in the warm clear Indian Ocean. Snorkeling or frolicking your time away.

Until you are ready to hit the deep blue, and dive with the whale sharks, manta rays, and dolphins that Tofo has besome famous for. The reefs and sea-life in Tofo are rich and interesting. There are very many reefs and dive spots between far Barra in the north, and Manta Ray in the south. In between these two extremes in range, must be 20 named dive spots.

Enjoy this cool video by ArtSurfer shot by Renske with dive friend Zito, just now in December 2017.

Taking your family on a diving holiday to Tofo…

  • choice of dive shops
  • snorkel or scuba
  • surf lessons
  • Island trips
  • dhow cruises
  • beach hikes
  • fishing
  • vehicle hire
  • Inhambane City tours
  • nightlife
  • restaurants
  • market
  • fresh seafood every day
  • fruit and vegetables are amazing
  • Coconuts and cashews
  • Tipo Tinto Rum and 2M beer

There is really something for everyone to do in and around Tofo. The Inhambane Bay beckons with it’s magical islands and azure channels. Completely calm and accessible to everyone in the family or group. Just the swimming and snorkeling at Barra is spectacular and you might even befriend a little seahorse or two.

So click on over to our Casa Frenzy page and get in touch via the easy form, or our contact details.

Catch us on Facebook at

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Our contact details are here.

Cyclone Dineo: Casa Frenzy survived the worst

Cyclone Dineo: Casa Frenzy survived the worst


Cyclone Dineo Casa Frenzy got through the worst
Cyclone Dineo Casa Frenzy got through the worst, so far only the fence is missing

Cyclone Dineo Casa Frenzy survived the worst

Mozambique, we all fell in love with this country, the sun, palm trees, white endless beaches, lively marine life, the simplicity of live that we actually love so much, but Mozambique is made to what it is because of its beautiful welcoming people. The boa gente, the people who have been though the worst, a civil war that lasted for 20 years, but they came out smiling…. the people who have nothing, but will share their lunch with you, these people got put through hell by a cyclone named Dineo, and they need our help!

We all saw the cyclone barreling our way, on the weather systems….but all I could think of were my local friends, who have nothing more than a small house made out of reed , simbiries and palmleafs. They wouldnt know what was coming their way like this, no preparation, no place to hide. Half of our shared  lodge is gone, our neighbours lodge is mostly gone… but we will mostly have other places to go to… we will have a job somewhere else to find some income, or maybe a (small) amount in our bank accounts. Not my local friends…. they will be left with nothing.


No jobs. No homes. No food. No water. No communications. Never mind electricity!



Local people got hit the hardest

There is some terrible footage of Guinjata bay. The waves crashed right into the dive center down on the beach there, but the powerful ocean  also destroyed the shops of the local people. Their hand made artwork got destroyed or washed away –  it is very sad  to see them walk up and down the beach to look for some of their work. Selling their artwork is their only income, so what can they do now? If they would be Lucky enough to grow some vegetables at home, all of that would also be gone now too…gone.



Casa Frenzy Tofo

Things go slow in Mozambique. It took me 7 years to finalize my house. Obviously I only stay in Mozambique a few months per year… so there you go… Just in december 2016 we had our great housewarming party and we we recieving our first guests! Now, only 2 months later, the house got hit by the worst tropical storm ever. The house has the beautiful number of  7  so again, … and it must have been very Lucky number this time. The house is based just behind a giant dune.  I thought the wind might go along the dune and lift up the house… or it will go over and miss it …..Lucky for Casa Frenzy it was the last scenario. All buildings around just dissapeared, or snaped like matches….But Casa frenzy survived the worst, it was tucked into the dune, hiding for this disaster. This coming season we will be more than happy to welkom you…By the way, our other house, Number 6, was downed completely. Destroyed. We don’t even want to show you that picture.

But it’s not us we are worried about. Not at all. It’s our friends.  There will be business as almost usual, at a date in the almost near future.

So please, read this and get in touch. Teams are making preparations now to head up their from all over the world, to help at least get the place functioning again.To plan and pay for a holiday in Tofo right now by anybody, or just to donate, would be helping, and doing something to help, right now, when it is so desperately needed! The money ALL will go to rebuilding everything. (from the local people) Infrastructure, local houses, lodges, lojas, hospitals, clinics, schools, but first make sure they have enough WATER!!!

Renske Massing

Renske Massing, Casa frenzy

Tel : 0031 616140854

African dogs meet snow

African dogs meet snow 

Last Year I needed to move my dogs from South Africa to Holland. It took a long time to find out what they needed to be able to fly across the world. They needed the right kennels,  vaccinations, blood test and microchips. Than when you think you have done everything right they need a last check up just before you fly. unfortunately for me all the vets were in an important meeting the day I was flying home. I needed to drive to get to  the airport for six hours. than when we finally where close to Johannesburg I found a statevet that was willing to do their last check up, only three!! hours before the flight the dogs were finally given their tickets to fly…. ppppfffeew what a stress.

Populair dogs

The four Jack russels are very loving dogs and where ever they go people will get very attached to them. So when it was time for them to leave Africa, a lot of people were concerned if they were going to be fine living in Holland. Luckely I m renting a room on a farm so they have lots of space to run and play with all the other farm animals. Of course some rules are different considering walking your dogs in the Forrest in Holland or in Africa.  in Africa dogs are not aloud in Nature reserves, but they can run around free nearly anywhere else. In Holland they can go to run in the forests and outside in the build up areas they will need to be on a leach. Which is better anyway as there are a lot of cars.

A lot of fun

Some of the dogs “fans”were concerned they would not be happy in Holland and they would not have so much fun. I must say the dogs were very  to see and meet all these new things and animals!! I love to film them so I decided to give them their own posts on my website, as they are a hugest part of my life. You can see them play at the beaches, in the different forests, going on boat trips or catching mice!

African dogs see snow
African dogs see snow









Snow for the first time

I was thinking about how the dogs would react if they would see snow for the first time…Would they  need  jackets to wear and would the warm blooded dogs actually enjoy themselves in such cold temperatures??? I took some videos and added it with magisto on their first encounter with snow so you can have a look for yourself and decide!!



The all new

The all new

The all new is under going a revamp and will soon be ready for all to see!

The new site will feature video, photographs and articles from around the world.

Check back soon for more news and information!